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  • Multi Size Looping Pliers

    These ergonomics multi size looping pliers combined six cylindrical step barrels with different diameters in each jaws of the pliers all in one tool that you can make Jump Rings for Chain Maille, S Hooks, Clasps, Ear Wires, or Loops of multiple sizes.

  • Wrap and Tap Pliers

    Shaping Rings or making loops in many sizes with shanks, half round wire, pattern wire, or sheet metal stock without distortion is a simple task with these ergonomics Wrap and Tap pliers by wrapping Wire, or Ring stock around the barrel-shaped jaw end and tapping it lightly with a mallet.

  • Round and Flat Nose...

    These Jewelry Round and Flat Nose pliers are exceptionally versatile multi purpose forming pliers and used for making small loops and jump rings in wire and for bending tight angles and curves in distintive wire forms and sheet stock.

  • Concave and Convex...
    • These Jewelry Concave and Convex nose pliers feature a Concave or hollowed inward jaw and an opposite jaw with a Convex or Rounded shape whose curves match with precise accuracy. You can form and bend gentle curves in wire or sheet metal for bending and shaping rings or making bezels without marring the surface of the metal bent.

  • Concave and Round Nose...

    These Jewelry Round and concave Nose pliers are designed to make precise bends and tight loops in wire for earrings dangles, head pins, jump rings and coils by featuring a jaw with a round nose and the opposite jaw which is concave and fits closely to the round side of the pliers assisting in bending the wire around the round nose jaws accurately.

  • Stake Forming Pliers

    These Jewelry Bow Ring Shaping and Stake Forming Pliers are great for closing, bending and shaping earrings dangles, rings in wire of flat stock sheet metal.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items