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Specialty Jewelry Pliers

Choose from this assortment of Pliers for specific functions to help you make your jewelry more efficiently: bow ring pliers, stone setting pliers, wire wrapping pliers, holding rings pliers, split ring pliers, ring bending pliers, bail making pliers, soldering pliers, jump rings closing pliers, crimping pliers.

Specialty Jewelry Pliers There are 42 products.


  • Nylon Jaws Pliers

    Pliers with soft Nylon Jaws are very useful to streighten wire to avoid marring or dent your metal during forming or holding your jewelry.
    These Nylon Pliers come in a variety of different basic shapes more often used in Jewelry making; Flat Nose, Round Nose, Flat and Round Nose and Chain Nose

  • Bail Making Pliers

    Bail Making Pliers helps you to create bails and wire twists by wrapping wire around the jaws that are composed of two cylindrical jaws with different diameter in each jaw of the pliers which allow you to form Jump Rings in multiple sizes, French Ear Wire, S Hook Clasps, Filigree work, Custom figures, Eight links, Bails for Pendants that are a difficult fit but with these pliers are easy to make in any kind of wire by wrapping and forming your connections around the jaws.

  • Magical Beads Forming...

    These Jewelry Crimping Pliers setting apart from standard crimping pliers which create an indentation down the middle of a crimp and then fold them in half resulting in an unattractive crimp. These crimping pliers are different: Their jaws have a smooth concave indentations which actually form the crimp tube into a rounded shape like a bead in a few steps.

  • Ring Holding Pliers

    These Jewelry Ring Holding Pliers feature curved hollowed out jaws with carved groves to fit any ring during filing or polishing.

  • Blunt Nose Pliers

    These Blunt Nose Pliers are the perfect tool for precise jobs and are designed with tweezers tips which are aligned with inside groves for holding filigree wire, beads and threads.

  • Hallmark Karat Marking...

    These Marking pliers apply hallmark karat markings to your jewelry precious metals on Gold 14k, Gold 18k, 999 Fine Silver, 935 Argentium Silver, 925 Sterling Silver with little effort on curved or flat surfaces to stamp inside rings as small as size 4 ~ 15mm inside ring diameter without the need for a hammer or a "safe" working hard surface. 

  • Jump Rings Closing Pliers

    Jump Rings Closing pliers have bent jaws at 45 degree angles that are grooved in with a smooth finish for closing loops, jump rings, bows, bracelet links, charms links. Also they are an invaluable tool to hold Rings for soldering operations.
    Rings and Loops Closing pliers feature hollowed out jaws that are grooved in with a smooth finish avoiding marring, or twisting your wire, which makes this tool extremely useful for Closing Jump Rings for Chain Maille jewelry.

  • Ring and Bracelet...

    These Bending pliers have a new and unique design allowing you to form and bend consistent Rings and Bracelets on heavy wire or flat sheet metal up to gauge 6 - 0.1943" - 4.935mm easily with no effort. This powerful jewelry tool guarantees you exciting and proven results you will love.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 42 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 42 items